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5 Summer / Beach Hairstyles In 2016

Posted on April 23 2016

Summer Hair 2016 is all about letting your natural beauty show! Whether you are at the beach or lounging by a pool, these styles will work for you! They can be worn on all hair types, from straight to the tightest curl! 

1.) Beach Waves

Beach waves are a very easy style to achieve. You can even start your hairstyle at night and then wake up with the perfect waves. 
The approach you take in achieving this look, will depend on your hair texture and whether or not you would like to apply heat to your strands. 
First we're going to start with straight hair.

Straight Hair


On straight hair, to achieve this style, you can either wand curl your hair in big sections, or do a twist out.

A twist out on straight hair will simply begin by taking large sections of hair, twisting each section, and then securing with a rubber band. You can either go to sleep with this and take out when you wake, or if you're in a time crunch, you can take a flat iron and gently press it over each individual twist.

Curly / Kinky Hair


A twist out in the natural hair community is nothing new. You can literally find twist out tutorials everywhere on youtube.

To get this look, start by twisting the hair back (similar to the same method with boxer braids, but instead of braiding, you twist) on damp hair. Let air dry, or sit under a hooded dryer. 

Once dry, take out. And there you have it, beautiful beach waves!

2.)  Boxer Braids / Cornrows


One of the top trends this summer is Boxer braids! (Calling them boxer braids is still kind of new to me because I've always known them to be cornrows, lol) Ever since the Kardashians started wearing them on social media, we have literally seen this style everywhere! 

This style is actually not new at all. It has been worn for thousands of years by Africans and Native Americans throughout history.


Step 1: To get the look, simply part your hair in sections based on the way you want your braids to go, and by how many. 

Step 2: Next start with 1 section of hair and gently tie the rest of your hair back. Braids are created by taking 3 pieces of hair and intertwining them with each other in a patterned motion.

Step 3: Begin by braiding down the hair in a patterned motion, increasing the amount of hair you're braiding as you continue down to the ends.

Step 4: At the end of the braid make sure you secure the ends of your hair with an elastic rubber band.

Step 5: Then repeat the same steps on all other sections.


If your texture is fine, it is recommended to lightly spritz the hair with a holding spray when finished in order to hold the style in place.



3.) Bob


If you're already rocking a cute bob haircut, then this look will be perfect for you. 

To get the perfect "beach bob", we recommend first starting with a light oil or moisturizer to prevent that dreadful summer "hay hair look". 

Next take some styling cream and rake a small amount through your hair, scrunching your hair upwards as you go. This will create that messy, flowy bob that is so desired this season.


4.) Curly / Embracing Your Natural Curls


This is by far one of our favorite summer styles because it is so easy and the most non damaging to your hair. Whether your hair is wavy or kinky, this 2016 season is all about showing off those beautiful strands that you were born with. 

If your hair is naturally straight, DON'T FRET! We've got you covered!

You can create a naturally curled look by parting your hair in big sections and placing flex rods at the ends.


5.) Bun


Buns are, and always will be the perfect go to style for the beach and summer seasons. For one they are easy to do, plus they look good on everyone!



Simply pull your hair up. Twist the hair around and secure with a hair tie.



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