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Posted on May 24 2016


You're anticipating putting on that tiny Brazilian bikini! But, OH NO! There's one thing standing in your way! Bikini bumps! 

According to the experts , every single woman that uses some sort of hair removal down there, will get bikini bumps at some point. Lame, right! But, don't fret, there are ways that you can try to prevent them!

Before we dab into preventing them, let's talk about what's causing them in the first place. 

Razor bumps, bikini bumps, and ingrown hairs (a few things people call them) are caused from single hair strands that never make it out of the follicle, or hairs that curl and re-enter your skin as they try to grow back out. This then causes the skin to inflame, and create a bump. These bumps can come from both shaving and waxing!

One way that you can eliminate ingrown hairs, is by bushing it out! Yep! Taking it back to nature. Over 50% of women in the US, still do it! But if you're anything like the other 50% of us, including me, you can't even fantom the idea of having tons of hair down there! Here's two guides to get that bikini line back into shape. One for our MinimalGal's that shave, and the other for those of you that swear by waxing.



  • It is best if you soak your bikini area in warm water by taking a bath before shaving.
  • Always use a shaving cream, and never soap. Soap can be too drying, and it creates an uneven shave.
  • Always shave in the same direction that the hair grows, never against it.
  • Never use a dull razor!
  • Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! But, please be gentle.
  • Shave in a steamy shower if you don't have time to soak in a warm bath.
  • Shaving can sometimes cause an itch when the hair begins to grow back. Always remember to resist the urge to scratch!
  • If you don't have shaving cream on hand, you can substitute with hair conditioner.
  • Use a product specifically made to prevent or get rid of ingrown hair daily, including right after you shave.



There is a big myth going around that if you wax instead of shave, you are some how free from getting bikini bumps. Although, waxing does make the new hair coming in much finer in texture, you can still get ingrown hairs.


  • Exfoliate in the shower 1-2 days after your waxing service. Keeping sure to be gentle.
  • Do not get waxed too soon! Make sure that your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long before you go in for another wax. Waxing on too short hair, can cause the hair to be ripped and broken, instead of being pulled directly out. This can lead to tons of ingrown hairs.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing right after you wax.
  • Moisturize your skin!
  • Try using a product specifically to prevent ingrown hairs on your bikini area daily.

Products That Are Specifically Made To Stop Ingrown Hair:

  • Tend Skin
  • Skin Tight
  • Completely Bare Bikini Bump Pads
  • Kiehl's Razor Bump Relief



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