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DIY Yeezy Boots or Inspired Yeezy Boots?

Posted on December 16 2016

If you have been paying attention this year, then you know the big craze about the Yeezy boots for women. There have even been DIY blogs and videos of the Yeezy sock boot that went viral immediately after they've been posted! This big craze is nothing new with the Yeezy line of shoes ever since the iconic Yeezy Boost sneaker made it's way onto the scene.
But for some of us girls that just weren't into the Yeezy Boost craze that much or simply couldn't get our hands on a pair, the new Yeezy styles have given us girls LIFE! (literally) And when I say LIFE, I don't mean it lightly! Millions of viewers and fans alike have taken to youtube to find out just how they can get their hands on a pair, or make a pair at that! A lot of inspired styles have been coming out as well, that (to us) look just as good as the real thing. So for those of you that have been wondering if the diy sock boot is even worth the craze, keep on reading below!
Here we list the pros and cons of buying inspired sock boots vs making the DIY sock boots. 
Overall we honestly feel that the inspired Yeezy boots look better because you are not actually walking around with just a sock on. To each it's own, but we cannot help but feel like there is something very strange about walking around with an actual sock on over your entire shoe. Not to mention if you live in a place that is cold!
So for us, unfortunately the DIY sock boot will be a no go. Although making your own sock boots only cost $5 to make, I would rather spend a couple extra dollars and get the inspired sock boots where they will last for years and not just for a one time wear. The inspired boots are made sturdy and look just like the real thing, but without the Yeezy $800+ price tag. 
And if your are still curious about making some sock boots for yourself, just scroll down and follow our tutorial. (They actually look great for Instagram pics, if that's all you're using them for.)
  • To buy a pair of Yeezy Inspired sock boots, follow the link below.
BUY Yeezy Inspired SHOES
  • To make a pair of DIY Yeezy sock boots, you'll first need a couple of materials.
Materials for Sock Boots: 
  1. Knit Socks
  2. A pair of pumps
  3. Scissors 
  4. Non Skid Shoe Pads
  5. Hot Glue Gun
To start, place the pumps on your feet. Then put the sock over the whole shoe pulling up to your leg. Cut a hole where the heel part will go. Last glue the non skid shoe pads to the bottom sole of the shoe. 
The whole process takes literally less than 5 mins and creates results like this:
Carli Bybel pictured above




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