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Posted on April 20 2018

Summer 2018 has been one of our most favorite seasons yet for women's bikinis and swimwear! This season there is a large variety of different styles, fabrics, colors, and accessories used within women's swimwear. To start off, we will go down a list of our favorite Spring/Summer 2018 Bikini Trends:


  • Sequin swimwear

  • Lace swimwear

  • Crochet bikinis 

  • Backless one piece bikinis

  • Cut-Out bikinis

  • High cut bottom swimwear

  • Crystal & jeweled bikinis

  • Multi-way tie up swimwear

  • Bikinis with ruffles

  • Ombre Bikinis

  • Animal/ pattern printed swimwear

  • One Pieces 

  • High waisted bottoms


1. Sequin...Sequin...Sequin...Everywhere!

Sequin bikinis are one of our personal favorites! 

2018 Spring/Summer bikini trends sequin two piece bikini with chokerSpring/ Summer 2018 bikini trends, sequin halter two piece bikini


There is something about being in a sequin bikini that just says, "look at me"! If you want to stand out while being on trend at the same time, a sequin bikini is the one for you! 

Click here to check out our top favorite sequin bikinis


2. Lace Swimwear

spring summer 2018 swimwear trends lace bikinis

2018 swimwear summer trends lace bikinis

Lace Bikinis are always a good choice. Lace bikinis are one of the biggest swimwear trends in right now. This particular lace one piece bikini features a high cut bottom as well, which is also on our 2018 top swimwear trends list. With lace bikinis, you can get that "almost skin" look while adding pretty appliqués, crystals, or other jeweled accessories. 

Click here to check out our top favorite lace bikinis.


3. Crochet Bikinis

Last summer crochet swimwear was number 1 on our tending swimwear list. Although the demand for crochet swimwear has simmered down some what, it still is a very much top trend in the spring/summer of 2018.


4. One Pieces

One pieces are still one of the most sought after style on our site! We recently took a survey, trying to figure out why one piece bikinis were on the top of everyone's list. Based on the results from our site wide survey, one pieces are loved because they make every body type look good, they are more comfortable, and they make you look better, by covering those problem areas. We also asked which bathing suit they liked more between one and two pieces. The results shocked us because we thought everyone would generally say two piece bikinis, but the overall vote was the one piece bikini! 

Some of the trendiest one pieces this 2018 season have crystals, jewelry, or beading added to them. Of course sequin one pieces, lace one pieces, crochet one pieces, cut-out one pieces, are also in the top five picks as well.

Click here to check out our top 2018 one piece swimwear picks.


5. Crystal / Jeweled Swimwear

Who doesn't like jewelry on their bikini!!? Coming in at number 5 is also one of the biggest swimwear trends worldwide!! This year we have already seen crystal or diamonds on almost every trending item! First it was on the YSL boots, dresses, and now swimwear! If you own atleast one item this 2018 summer, it should be either a sequin bikini or a jeweled crystal bikini.

top 2018 swimwear and bikini trends, Sequin bikini, crystal beaded jeweled bikini, diamond swimwear


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